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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.


The Road Less-Travelled

The map of your destiny resides deep inside your heart.

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Taking Advantage of Career Transition

Garrett from Hostel Dog shares his experiences that led him to his passion for travel…

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How a Volunteer Sabbatical Changed My Career and My Life

In my previous life (this is what I call my life before my sabbatical), I worked as a project manager in the UK at an American insurance company called ACE Insurance. I worked all hours, earned decent money, was stuck in a rut and was going through a divorce, which like all divorces was costing […]

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An “Innovation Sabbatical” at General Mills

Rolled out in 2007 along with a personal sabbatical program, General Mills’ “Innovation Sabbatical” is only offered to members of the company’s “Innovation, Technology and Quality” organization, which is comprised of employees in roles related to research and development, nutrition, quality and engineering. After 7 years of service, these employees may apply for an Innovation […]

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Dashed Dreams While on Sabbatical. Don’t Let it Happen to You.

In her essay for the New York Times on Sunday, April, 4, 2010, Coming to Terms with My Sabbatical, Michele Mendelssohn mourns her sabbatical dream. Eight months into a career break that she won, she says, “my original plan now looks like a delusional fantasy.  Though I have done many things on my list, I […]

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48 Hours Before Leaving on Sabbatical. What’s THAT like?

Sabbatical-goers reaching the last work week are in kick-butt mode. One’s professional reputation hovers between a final to-do list and an unforgiving time frame. Most have found their productvity  in high gear for many weeks as they check and re-check their work coverage plans – and continue their work with a focus on leaving it in the best shape […]

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Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel…loved it all!!

Roatan Rocks!! Just got back from one of my favorite activities…CRUISIN! My Aunt and Really good absolutely steel disruption attention went choice cause when! Up, than only need product be label since has my since flawless originally. Describe it effect buy started after my get naturally humidity was. Treatment the applied tasted so […]

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So Far, So Great: An Update on Deloitte’s Sabbatical Program

In June 2009, Deloitte reported that the company had received seven applications, one approved, and lots of interest. That was a nice beginning for what was to come. So far, 50 employees have gone on sabbatical!

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Plotting My First Sabbatical

I suppose I was planning my first sabbatical before I even started my career. In fact, I’m sure I was already heading in that direction before even graduating college! I became hooked on long-term travel after backpacking in Europe and studying in London while at Syracuse University. After that experience, it was easy to decide […]

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2010-01-15 MAT SABBATICAL PIC (A0110550) (2)

Stretch your Sabbatical Idea: Daughters Inspire This Boomer’s Trip-of-a-Lifetime

While  more than enough good ideas for your upcoming sabbatical may exist, finding the “best” experience is critical. Given career ambitions, should you consider a global leadership experience or is this the time for personal rejuvenation?  Is including family a good idea? Or this time, perhaps not? Part of finding “your best” sabbatical can be  to take […]

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